natural beauty curly girl clean livingHi! I’m Delilah and I’m so happy you stopped by!

My story started in 2010 when I impulsively moved abroad to teach and travel. At the time, I had only been dating my husband for 9 months but we decided to take the leap anyway. It ended up being the best decision we ever made, and completely turned our lives around.

I was a teacher living in Miami and had always dreamed of travelling the world. So I started looking for teaching jobs abroad. Within 3 weeks I had accepted a job offer in Abu Dhabi, gotten married, sold all my belongings, and flown across the world to live in a brand new country. From there on it can only be described as a crazy beautiful mess. We traveled a lot, we had a baby girl, and learned so much about the world and ourselves.

Those years I lived abroad led me to a more holistic approach to living. Experiencing so many different cultures and living a different lifestyle allowed me to examine what was really important, and many of the holistic and simple ideas really stuck with me. Now back in Miami, I live my life in a completely different way. I try my best to treat my body well, eat good foods, practice mindfulness, and consider the environment, all while on a modest budget. When I moved back, I quickly noticed that living this way was very expensive. I could not afford to shop at Whole Foods, juice on a daily basis, or visit the chiropractor every time my daughter got sick like other people living this lifestyle do. So I started this blog to share how I am able to live a holistic lifestyle on a budget, in hopes that I can help other people do the same. My focus is natural beauty, curly hair, and clean living.

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