Curly Gift Guide 2021

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Yes, this is a gift guide just for people with curly hair! Share this with your partner, family, and friends to make sure you get some of the curly products you've been eyeing.

I've broken this gift guide for curly hair down into different budget categories so just click on the category in the table of contents to check out my picks.

Gift idea for curly hair people scalp massage for hair growth

Curly Hair Gifts Under $30

Silk pillowcase

Scalp massager

T-shirt towel

plopping hair

Jessicurl Spiralicious Gel

TreLuxe ReFlex Serum

Live Curly, Live Free book

Wet Brush detangler

Silk hair tie

Curly t-shirts

Scalp shampoo brush

Continuous mist spray bottle


Cute headbands

Curly Product handbook

  1. Silk pillowcase – Everyone should have one of these! They prevent wrinkles, frizz, tangles, and feel luxurious. A basic necessity for anyone with curly hair but also skincare lovers.
  2. Tezam scalp massager – Helps relieve headaches and encourages growth. Great for anyone really, especially if you're not a fan of giving head massages. 😂
  3. Tee-owels t-shirt hair towel – Reduce frizz and speed up drying time. Every curly girl should have one. Use code HOLISTICENCHILADA to save 15%.
  4. Jessicurl Spiralicious Gel – Probably the best gel for humidity and most people seem to really love their results using it. It works on all curl types too so it won't weigh down fine curls.
  5. TreLuxe ReFlex Serum – Make refreshing a breeze with this serum that can be used alone to smooth out frizz and revive curls. I also use it as a single styler on wash day with great results. Great for all hair types.
  6. Live Curly, Live Free: Unlocking the Secrets Behind the World of Beautiful Curly Hair – Another book might have started the curly girl revolution, but this one really helps you figure out your own hair! This is great for anyone who is interested in wearing their hair wavy or curly to truly help them understand how curly hair behaves and how to treat it and style properly.
  7. Wet Brush detangling brush – Do yourself (or friend/daughter/mom/partner) a favor and get this brush. You'll have a lot less complaining about detangling and smoother curls.
  8. Silk hair ties – Regular hair ties cause breakage and frizz in curly hair. These silk ones glide easily over the hair but still hold it up.
  9. Curly girl t-shirts – Represent with one of these cute tops just for curly women!
  10. Scalp shampoo brush – Since many curly and wavy haired people use less sudsing shampoo, a scalp shampoo brush helps really cleanse the scalp and boosts hair growth!
  11. Flairosol spray mist bottle – a great continuous spray misting bottle
  12. Xtava Black Orchid diffuser – The most popular curly hair diffuser!
  13. Bizzy B Headbands – These are super cute and comfortbale for all hair types
  14. The Curly Product Handbook – This is the only guide you need when beginning your curly hair journey!
Gift idea for curly hair people EVOLVh discovery kit

Gifts For Curly Hair Under $50

Flora & Curl starter set

Behairful Brush

EVOLVh Curls Discovery Kit

Innersense Travel Trio

Raw Curls Starter Set

Olaplex Intense Repair Set

Deep Conditioning Heat Cap

  1. Flora & Curl starter set – These make a great stocking stuffer!
  2. Behairful Brush – great for detangling and styling curls
  3. EVOLVh, my favorite hair care line, has a few sets starting at only $29!
  4. Innersense Holiday Trio – One of the top hair care lines that works for straight, wavy, and curly hair!
  5. Raw Curls Starter Set – ***Shipping is very slow with this brand. This was the brand that revived my curls when I first started the curly girl method. Organic, water soluble, and fragrance free, it was the cleanest option at that point.
  6. Olaplex 0 and Olaplex 3 – For anyone who colors their hair or has heat damage, this bond builder helps strengthen hair and is safe to use at home.
  7. Deep conditioning heat cap – Looking for a solution to dry hair, then add some heat to your deep conditioning treatment. These caps heat up in minutes and the heat lasts for your whole conditioning session. It helps the conditioner penetrate the hair making your treatment more effective.
Delilah using Tee-owels t-shirt hair towel gift idea suggestion

Curly Hair Gifts Under $100

Mini Hair Steamer

EVOLVh WonderBalm Serum

  1. Mini hair steamer – These are great to refresh hair in the mornings and works better than a steamy shower. It can also be used with hair masks to help them penetrate curls better.
  2. EVOLVh WonderBalm serum – If you're looking for a silicone free serum that defines curls, add shine, prevents frizz, and smooths hair then this is the one. It's like a water soluble oil if that existed.

Curly Hair Luxury Gifts

Dyson Supersonic Hairdryer

Shark HyperAIR hairdryer

  1. Dyson Supersonic Hairdryer – Any curly girl's dream hairdryer right here. Cuts your drying time nearly in half and is lightweight.
  2. Shark HyperAIR hairdryer – The same motor as the Dyson at nearly half the cost!

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