Curly Girl Method – Curly Hair Routine for 2B 2C 3A Hair

Curly Girl Method – Curly Hair Routine for 2B 2C 3A Hair
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This is me and my curly hair. I wear my hair curly every day. It has been more than 7 years since I’ve straightened my hair. I always have people telling me they wish they had my curls. Other wavies and curlies look at my hair and have a million questions as to how it’s not a puffy, frizzy mess. They want to know my secrets. But when I begin to explain, it’s like I’m talking about quantum physics. I promise it’s really very simple.

2b 2c curls routine

Wavy and Frizzy Hair

Let me give you some background because my hair didn’t always look like this. I grew up with what I thought was just wavy, frizzy, puffy hair. I had no idea how to tame it. I straightened it every day. EVERY DAY! I live in Miami, where humidity hovers around 80-100% year round, so imagine what my hair looked like a few seconds after walking outside. It also rains a ton here, which just makes it worse. I had to straighten with the dryer, then flat iron my hair every day to not look crazy. I did this from middle school until I decided to embrace my curls when I was 24.

curly girl method before

Below is what my curls used to look like before I stopped straightening them. You can see they were undefined, flat, and look damaged. They were pretty much just stringy waves.

curly girl method before

In 2010, I moved abroad to work and travel. I decided then I wasn’t going to waste any more time fussing with my hair and just embrace the waves. I thought that styling my hair every day with the dryer and iron was just too much when traveling and I was done with it. Pretty much all I did was stop straightening my hair. I didn’t adopt the Curly Girl method because I had not heard of it yet, and I wouldn’t have been able to find the right products anyway.

Just 1 year later, my hair looked so much better. You can see in the photos below my hair is curlier and looks healthier. I still had frizz because my method was wrong, but the health of my hair had improved so much very quickly. Within months really, my hair started to curl instead of just being waves.

1 year cg 2
curly hair

Another plus was that my hair grew quickly. My hair had never really been much past shoulder length before because I always had to chop off so much damage. But it got very long within the first 2 years of not straightening it.  It got all the way down my back before I started keeping it shorter.

The Curly Girl Method

When I came back to the U.S., I decided to go full CG (curly girl method). It had already been 3 years of not straightening my hair. During that time I had been reading about the curly girl method so I could start right away with the right products.

The Curly Girl Method is a method of washing and styling wavy and curly hair to get softer, more defined, healthier curls and waves. It pretty much works for anyone who has frizz, waves, and curls. It’s basically using silicone and sulfate free products, washing less often, adding in lots of hydration, styling hair when it’s sopping wet in the shower, using a microfiber towel or t-shirt to squeeze out the water, letting it dry “crunchy” (the hard cast gel creates), and then scrunching it out to get soft curls. You can learn more about it in my free ebook.

curly girl method guide

I had seen so many amazing hair transformations from other women who had changed their routine to CG and was determined to make it work. I tried different lines, types of products, styling methods, and techniques and figured out what worked for my hair. Some people go crazy and use many products to style their hair. I can’t keep that up so I only use 4 hair products.

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I have now been CG for 5 years and embraced the curls for almost 9 years.  I will show you in detail how I style my hair, but please know that this will not work for everyone. I have very fine, thin hair, with 2b-3a curls (click here to find out your curl type), and live in a high humidity area. I cannot use products with glycerin or creams, even though others with similar hair type can and get beautiful curls with them. My biggest struggle is maintaining volume and definition in the humidity.

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Products for 2B 2C 3A hair

{Update 10/4/18: I now use Evolvh which I LOVE because it gives me softer, shinier curls and I can go much longer between washes! You can try it with coupon code HE15 for 15% off. Check out this review to see if it might work for you.}

I use either Raw Curls Swavy shampoo, regular conditioner, and medium hold gel, or Evolvh Ultra Shine shampoo and conditioner, Smart Volume leave in, Total Control Styling Creme, and WonderBalm. These 2 lines work best for my hair right now, and I like that they are organic. Lots of curly hair lines are full of toxic fragrances and other not so great ingredients, and they are very pricey. Also, I love that these lines are very concentrated so the products last a long time. They end up being cheaper than the others when you factor in how long they last. I save even more by buying the large bottles during their sales which last me a whole year.

Some other curly and wavy hair care lines are DevaCurl, Briogeo, and Innersense (expensive). I also have a budget-friendly clean Curly Girl products roundup post.

curly girl method 2b 3a

 Curly hair routine for 2B 2C 3A hair

I have video tutorials posted below the text instructions, so scroll down if you prefer visuals.

I wash my hair every 4-6 days.

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First, I wash with the shampoo and conditioner. I finger comb the knots out with the conditioner and add more if I need to. I flip my head upside down to rinse out the conditioner.

I make sure to rinse my scalp really well, then with my head still upside down I spray the Evolvh Smart Volume conditioner through the ends and scrunch my hair up. I finger comb a bit here as well to make sure there are no tangles, and scrunch some more. If I don’t see my curls clumping up nicely, I cup my hands to grab some water and scrunch into my hair. You want thick clumps of curls.

(My head is still upside down) I then scrunch in some of the Raw Curls medium hold gel, or the Evolvh styling creme and WonderBalm mixed together. I put about a nickel size amount of product in my palms, scrunch up from the ends all the way up to the roots. I continue squishing it at the roots to encourage better clumps. At this point, it looks like I barely have any hair and it doesn’t even look very curly.

I then scrunch out the water with a microfiber hair towel or a flour sack towel. A microfiber or flour sack towel or t-shirt is key for reducing frizz. A regular towel will not work for this. I do this by placing the towel under my hair when my head is upside down, then pushing it towards my scalp, and scrunching once to absorb the water. I do this a few times around my head.

Grab the microfiber towel I use here. 

curly girl method styling routine

I leave my hair alone until the ends are dry and crunchy. This takes about 15-30 minutes. Because my hair is so flat, I diffuse the roots with my head upside down or completely dry if by diffusing upside down. If you don’t need volume, you can skip that. I use the diffuser attachment on my hairdryer, flip my head upside down, and dry the roots. This takes about 3-5 minutes. You can see below the volume it gives me.

curly girl method styling routine

Here is the diffuser I recommend. 

I usually wash my hair at night, so I don’t scrunch out the crunchy gel until the morning. I put my hair in a buff (pictured below) to preserve the curls and maintain volume and sleep in that. But if I am going out then I skip this part.

Grab the buff I use here. 

When I wake up, I take out the buff and scrunch out the crunchiness. I flip my head over for this and try to fluff it a little bit too. Usually, on the first day, I don’t need to add any styling product because it looks good straight out of the buff. This is what it usually looks like after I scrunch out the crunch (aka SOTC in the curly world).

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Results using Evolvh
curly girl method after

Results Using Raw Curls

curly girl method after

Making The Style Last

I sleep with the buff on every night to preserve the curls. Nighttime curl care is crucial to get waves and curls that last several days between washes. Read this post for more info on nighttime curl care. 

On the third and fourth days, I need to refresh my curls a bit. I usually add a tiny amount of conditioner mixed with water to recoil some of the curls in the front and top layer, and if needed add a small amount of gel with water.

conditioner with water refresh

Here is third day hair after refreshing with a little conditioner and water.

curly girl method after

Check out my refreshing video below. I also have another here

Sometimes there’s no salvaging it on days 4-5, so I do a quick side braid or side bun on those days. I also sometimes pin back one or both sides, or the front if only some parts of my hair are not cooperating. I have a video on easy hairstyles here.

And that’s it. Typing it out makes it seem more complicated than it is but hopefully, this was helpful.

Other Benefits of the Curly Girl Method

One thing I didn’t expect was how much money I would save on hair care. I now get haircuts twice a year. I don’t have to pay for the blow out. I don’t have to buy heat styling products, brushes, and special straightening treatments. It can cost a bit up front if you don’t find the right products quickly, but in the end it’s cheaper and so much less stressful than to be fighting your natural hair on a daily basis.

I hope I have inspired some of you to wear your natural curls! Let me know in the comments if you have any questions about the curly girl method or if you’d like to see some tutorials. You can subscribe to my blog and follow me on Instagram @holisticenchilada where I constantly share tips, info, and demo videos on curly hair, green beauty, and wellness. Check out this Evolvh curly hair review, my new favorite hair care line. I get even better results with Evolvh.

IF YOU WANT TO LEARN MORE ABOUT THE CURLY GIRL METHOD YOU CAN DOWNLOAD MY FREE 10 PAGE GUIDE HOW TO GET STARTED ON THE CURLY GIRL METHOD, full of everything you need to know to get started on the Curly Girl Method and bring back your beautiful waves and curls.


curly girl method 2b 2c 3a hair
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142 thoughts on “Curly Girl Method – Curly Hair Routine for 2B 2C 3A Hair”

  • Thank you Dee! I’m super excited to try this. I’ve got 2b waves and it’s always been a pain to get my hair to look good. I’m growing in the gray and going fully natural so this is perfect timing!

  • Thanks for this! I love seeing how other people manage their curly hair. I’ll have to look into those products…and using a buff for your hair overnight!? Brilliant!

  • I have naturally cutrly hair that I get chemically straightened. My curls look nothing like yours though. Your curls are beautiful!

    • Oh yes use my tips on her hair. One thing I didn’t mention is that you’re not supposed brush curly hair. It’s more prone to breakage than straight hair and brushing causes lots of frizz too. If you must brush (which I’m sure that’s a yes), do so when her hair is saturated with conditioner. What I do is I have a bottle filled with mostly water and few pumps of conditioner mixed to spray on my daughter’s hair in the mornings so I can get the knots out with a wide tooth comb. Then I style it. And I now put her hair in a bun for school after a terrible lice situation.

  • I know you said you live in Florida. Does this method control the frizz in the hot humid Florida summers? I have 3a/3b curly hair and I have been chemically straightening it for years. I relocated to Florida last July and my hair is very damaged from the frequent straighteners that I have had trying to control the frizz in the Florida humidity. I’m near the coast and I am desperate for a solution to the frizz.

    • Hi Melanie! Yes it does. The key during very humid times is to make sure I do not use products that list glycerin as one of the first ingredients, don’t leave the house until my hair is fully dry, and really saturate my hair with conditioner when styling. Frizzing is caused by the hair absorbing the moisture in the air because it lacks moisture itself. So by applying some conditioner as a styling product before the gel, this helps hydrate the hair to protect against frizz. Getting a hard cast to form from the gel also prevents frizzing so be sure to use a good amount of gel too. Remember you want your hair to dry hard, then you can scrunch it to soften that cast and not have crunchy hair.

      • I’m a Miami girl too. Been here my entire life. Growing up I owned my curly hair because I swam competitively and washed my hair daily and sometimes 2 times a day. Only used a little gel and air dried it. It was great. Fast forward to college time and straight hair is in… started ironing, since I have thin hair, my hair would last nicely, then keratin came in, and all of a sudden, I didn’t need to do anything except wash 2 times a week, brush, and go. Now years later I miss my curls and have been going with it or living with a ponytail or bun because the heat… lol. I want my curls back and didn’t know about this cg method. I’m definitely going to give it a try. I hope I can go back to my natural curls… Interesting that you say not to leave out till dry, never thought of that… Definitely you’ve given me a lot of options and ideas. Thanks girl!!

        • Thanks for sharing your story Drea. I hope you can give your curls some new life with this method. Feel free to reach out for help whenever! 🙂

  • Thank you so much, I just found your post and I’m excited to try the products. I’ve been straightening my hair for too long, and I’ve been wanting to embrace the curl, but couldn’t find any products that work for me. My hair is very similar to yours, and I live in Florida, too! I’m going to try exactly what you are doing, I hope your methods work for me as well as they do for you!

  • Great curly hair tutorial, Dee!
    Much like yourself, I grew up thinking I just had frizzy, wavy, impossible-to- manage-in-high-humidity hair until I discovered the Curly Girl way some eight years ago. I’ve been using Deva Curl No-Poo, One Condition and Arc Angel Gel every day since then.
    At night, I pull my hair up into a ponytail on top of my head using a good ol’ fashioned scrunchie, but sometimes I end up with a flat spot on top the next day. I’ve got a Buff, but never thought to use it as a curl protector while I sleep! Gonna give it a try tonight!

    • Thanks! I used to use Deva Curl but Raw Curls is a better fit for my hair. I learned the buff trick from another curly girl in a Facebook group and it has shortened my mornings by quite a bit 🙂

  • On days you don’t wash your hair, do you just cover it when you shower? Also, do you ever co-wash on days you don’t shampoo?

    • Hi Rachel. I usually put it up in a bun and place a headband over the front. I used to use a shower cap but I don’t anymore. No I don’t co-wash. I tried a few times but my hair is so fine and thin that it just looks like day 3 flat hair and my scalp shows through.

  • I have 2c/3a curls and I followed your routine and my hair was INSTANTLY curlier and less frizzy. I was looking at purchasing the microfiber towel you recommended but how do you plop with that turban style?
    Thank you!

    • Hi Samantha. I’m glad your hair is looking better! I usually scrunch a bit with the towel then while still upside down I let my hair fall into the larger opening of the towel by placing it directly underneath and just bringing it up closer to my scalp, once it’s on I twist the end and tie it up. It’s easier than wrapping any regularly shaped towel but you could do it with any. I actually just got a flour sack hair towel that I will be trying. SUpposedly it works even better at minimizing frizz.

  • What a great blog and tutorial! I am less than a week into my CG Method journey, but already I am seeing less frizz. Your tutorial is really great and I love that you show your products and explain curly terminology. Thanks!

  • Thank you for this post! I have the exact same hair type as you, and it’s so hard to get advice that would actually work for my hair. I’ve been going natural for about a year now after years of hair straightening, but I feel like my hair isn’t at its full potential. Will be trying these tips!

  • Thanks so much for this, Dee!
    I am 42 and I’ve vascillated between my natural curls (which look just like yours) and blowouts my entire adult life. I use Deva Curl products currently and no heat. My hair is fine and thin also, so I think I’m going to try blowing out my roots to help with volume. I have two questions: due to the thin and fine nature of my hair, I’ve always been afraid of leave-in conditioners because I thought they’d make my curls look flat and greasy. How do you manage that balance? Also, I work out frequently, which means I sweat frequently, so I feel like I have to wash my hair every day. I’ve never had great luck with trying to refresh it on day two. What are your thoughts?

    • I used to avoid a leave in for the same reason but my ends really need it and it makes a huge difference in frizz. The key is to use a light one and only scrunch it in from the ends up so that you don’t get much if any near the scalp. As for working out, I don’t do it often but when I do I put my hair in a buff like when I’m sleeping, but make it look more like a headband. This way it’s not being pulled tight and the sweat doesn’t get on all the hair, just what’s near the scalp.

  • Hey I am so glad this pin showed up in my feed, it was exactly what I needed. All of my life I have had weird frizzy wavy straight hair. The only good part about ut was that it kept a curl for days. I thought I was cursed to always have to blow dry it, like my dad does. My mom always had pin straight hair and I thought I was supposed to also, so I forced it. Just a few weeks ago I found the cg method and started to implement it. My hair is in the stringy phase, so I almost lost hope and turned back to the blow dryer until I saw your pictures. Thank you for sharing the good the bad and the stringy parts about going natural. I am excited that I might actually have my grandmothers beautiful bouncy curls.

    • I’m so happy to help 🙂 Make sure you’re deep conditioning on a regular basis andI’d recommend using a clarifying shampoo at least once a month to help those stringy curls clump and form better.

  • Wow, thank you!! Our hair types seem really similar and this post gives me hope my hair might look good one day! I’ve always felt like I had the worst of both can look oily, stringy etc but curly so also really dry and frizzy. As far as cuts and shape..need layers for shape w the curls but too many layers and now I have a mullet bc the bottom layer is so fine. So yeah, your post has me hopeful. I’m definitely gonna try your methods and product.

  • I am just embarking on the curly girl journey and loved reading your story – thank you. Currently my hair is wavy/curly underneath yet the top section around my head is just a little wavy. Should following this method help the curl to better come out in my less curly part? Should I be coiling that part for now until curls develope? Thanks!!

    • Yes after a few months you should see the hair curling more. Also a good curly cut helps with that. You can coil it to encourage the curl, I do that sometimes when a clump isn’t cooperating.

  • Thank you so much for the detailed instructions! I want to try this so bad, but i feel like i MUST brush my hair. How do i get past this? My curls look tangled & crazy with frizzy ends.

    • I struggled with this too. After 3 years I figured out I needed a haircut and better conditioner. Once I did that I was able to finger detangle.

  • Thank you so much for the simple presentation of your routine. The pictures are great! I’m curious do you go to a hair salon with a stylist trained in curly hair, such as a Devacurl stylist? How do I go about getting a great cut without spending an arm and a leg? Or is it worth that much money for a good foundation?

    • I recently did for the first time. What most people do is take the tips from the Curly Girl handbook to their hair stylist and ask them to cut it like that. Other than that I don’t have any other tips. It’s expensive! If the stylist is good and you’re not happy with your hair then I’d say it’s worth it.

  • I think Inhave the same exact hair type as you! I really enjoye reading your hair routine. I do have a question though. With my hair being so thin, any time I have tried washing it at night (even when I think it is COMPLETELY dry) I will end up with flat spots in my hair. Is this what the buff helps with? It seems that it may make it even more flat by holding the hair to your head? I want to try this I’m just scared I will wake up looking like a cross between Frankenstein’s wife and a wet dog! Have you ever had this problem with washing at night or with the buff?? Thanks for any feedback!

  • Great article! Just a few questions. Did the change in shampoo make most of the difference? My very top layer of my hair is almost straight while the rest of it is a 2b and I just don’t know what to do with that top layer! As for most of the rest of your method I do. Also my hair gets very oily quick and I have to wash it every day. Does that shampoo help with that? My curls always look better on the morning of day 2 but I have to wash it and no dry shampoo doesn’t work! 😞

    • The biggest difference was the method of applying products to get clumps with definition and little frizz. The right products improved shine, bounce, dryness, frizz, and reduce styling time. I have a few spots that don’t curl as much and it has taken years for them to curl up more so you have to be patient 🙂 My hair also used to get oily more quickly but I figured out it was that I was washing too often and using products which were too heavy. Try clarifying regularly and do apple cider vinegar rinses. Since your hair is wavy you need light products. No shea butter or waxy products.

  • Truly inspiring! So glad I came across your post!
    I have the exact same type of hair and have abused it for the last decade. I’ve been trying to restore it for tre last 6 month and it is slowly turning around. Just now learning about the CG method, and began applying it on myself and curly haired daughters today.
    Your detailed post has been a great help. Thank you!

  • Oh my goodness my hair is exactly like yours I needed this so badly!! Silly question how to you get the buff to stay in place and on your head I have a child sized head lol

  • Thanks for this! I’ve revently given up fighting my curls and began embracing them. I use Divacurl products, but it looks like I can still use your process. I especially like that you can wash at night so that hair is dry in the morning. My hair takes hours to dry.

  • I’m on day three of the CG Method, and my hair already looks fantastic. Just switching from regular products to products that are sulfate and silicone free has changed the texture of my hair. I don’t wash my hair often, and I just did the clarifying step, but I look forward to seeing the progression. I wish I could post pics! Thank you for this article!

    • You’re welcome! And yes the smallest changes can make a huge difference. Just wait to see how beautiful your hair will look in a few months.

  • Also, I’m the only person in my family who has curly hair. Pretty sure I’m either adopted or switched at birth. So my mum never knew how to deal with my hair. I’m the middle of five kids, three girls, and the only curly. I stumbled across your article on Pinterest a few days ago, and I’ve passed it on to every curly I know. Thanks again!

  • Alright. So until I was 12 I had super straight hair, then when I got a little older it got wavier. But I really didnt know what to do with it so I treated it like straight hair! As a freshman in highschool I started using moosse like my mom who has super beautiful curly hair. But it didnt really work that great for my hair! I never really knew my hairtype. I figured I was just a mutant because my mom has super curly hair and my dad (When he grew his long) had straight hair. By the second semester I was back to straightening it on a daily basis. WAYYY too much work! Over this summer I really didnt see the need to straighten it since I wasnt really having a busy summer so I’d let it air dry and put it in a bun. Well today is the day before the first day of school and I decided I need to do something with my hair. I got a shower, let it air dry, looked in the mirror and my hair was a mess! It was a weird, stringy, half straight, half wavy mess! So imedeatly what do I do? I get on Pintrest and look up “Natural wavy hair HELP ME” (lol) I see this post and I somewhat followed what you said and combined it a little with what ive seen on other posts and my hair has never looked better!! I think im hooked on my new head of hair! Thank you so freaking much!!

  • I was… JUST about to give up on my curls and go back to ironing all the time… because frizz, because summer, because compliments-on-my-straight-hair… or simply because I am sick of trying to find the perfect method/product/cut for 2+ years…
    However, I see YOUR GORGEOUS HAIR, which looks INSANELY beautiful and healthy… and UGH! And my breath is taken away. And I will not give up on my curls just yet… will try to embrace them a little while longer! My God, I LOVE YOUR HAIR!
    Thank you for taking the time to write this, Dee!

  • Hello! Thanks for the post – I’m about 2 months into the CG method and still experimenting with products and routines. But I am loving and loving my waves/curls. I wanted to ask about sleeping with the your hair wet when you sleep? I’ve tried sleeping with my wet hair in a tshirt (plopping) which was amazing for my curl definition but of course terrible for my frizz halo!

    • Hi Fatema. No, my hair is dry when I go to sleep. I make sure it’s been dry for at least an hour to help set the curl pattern before I put the buff on and go to bed.

  • Thanks so much for simplifying this!! Growing up curly was not cool in my day & I damaged my hair so much. I’ve been battling with horrible looking hair & just gave up. It became thin, stringy, curly in spots and fried and straight in others. This was just wash, condition, towel dry, comb & leave alone so I’d quit “damaging” it. Years later it still looks dreadful &l I just pull it back. Now almost 50 my daughter got me looking into this by telling me the problem with my hair is I’m still a curly & I need to do CG (she is one too.) I didn’t believe it but her hair was looking great after a couple of months. I was so overwhelmed with info but luckily found you! You made it so much clearer. I tried your method with products I had on hand as soon as I saw this. My hair looked better immediately after drying & SOTC’ing!! This with one try!! It gives me hope with the right products and routine I can be happy with my curls! Thanks so much for this!!

  • How do you put your hair up in the buff? I can’t sleep with a braid in so I usually put my 2c-3a curls in a bun, but sometimes that makes it all tangly, which has been my big problem as of late. I’ve got a LOT of hair, so I’m having a hard time keeping it down in the humidity and heat.

  • I grew up with very straight hair and then after my second child my hair changed to a 2b wave. It has taken over 11 years for me to embrace the curl and I am just now trying to figure out what that means. This was such a wonderful post! My hair tends to get greasy at the root if not washed daily, how do you combat this? Also, on your non-washing days, how do you protect your curls when you shower? Thanks!

    • I have found that as time goes one, my scalp adjusts to less frequent washing. I used to have to wash every day because of how oily my roots would get, and now I can go 4-6 days. I also use dry shampoo when it does get greasy. And when I shower I put it up in a loose bun and put a shower cap over it.

  • I love your post! I found it very helpful. I’m 52 and I feel like I’m just finally figuring out how to manage my curls. I was wondering if you part your hair. I was following all your steps but I found my crown looked very messy without a defined part. So I’d still like to part my hair but I din’t know where in the process it would be best so as not to break up the curl clumps. Thanks!

  • I live in Georgia so I also fight frizz I have always enbraced my curl/ waves but am now learning that I’m not doing it right. I am very anxious to try the curly girl method and take better care of my curls. I have a question though. In the winter months, when the humidity is down, I like to straighten my hair what will straightening occasionally do to my hair? Will it make it harder to curl in the future? Will it completely reverse the curl? Thank you for your post and any help you can give me

    • I think that as long as it’s not often it’s not a big deal. I know other curlies who straighten every once in a while and their hair is still fine.

  • Hi! I love this article & want to try it out so bad. My hair is 3A, on a good day but I struggle with not washing & drying everyday because my scalp is so dry and gets flaky halfway through the day. I can’t imagine going days between washes. Any advice?

    • Hi Jessica. I also have itchy, dry scalp and have struggled with going a long time between washes in the past. One thing that has really helped in the last year is Briogeo’s Scalp Revival treatment drops and shampoo. As long as I use this regularly, it keeps the itching and flaking to a minimum. You can find the products here

  • Hello Dee! I’m so happy I found your post!
    I recently moved to Miami, and I’ve been straighten my hair ever since I came! My hair is in between 2b/2c and looks big, puffy and frizzy. I’m very excited to try your methods. I’m also a total newbie in the world of curls, because I just finished a 4 years transition from a chemically straight hair (I did Brazilian blow dry for 10 years). So ever since, I’m trying to figure out how to wear my hair in a good way. But after I moved to Miami everything became even harder (probably due to the humidity as you said).
    So my question is: after you wash your hair, do you apply the leave-in with the gel? Like you can mix in your hands and apply everything together? And I got a little confused, which one of those products is the gel that you use?
    Another question: do you know a good hair cut for a hair like this? Because the hair dressers that I know keep cutting my hair as if it was straight, so not flattering at all. Or maybe, as I’m also in Miami, do you recommend any good hair salon around here?
    Congratulations on your blog and hair 😉

    • Hi Rhaissa! You should try applying products in different ways to see which you prefer. I like to put the leave-in conditioner to get really good clumping before applying the styling products. I use either the regular conditioner or spray leave in first, scrunch it in, then squeeze gel into my hands and scrunch it up really good with my head upside down. Try the Curl Whisperer in South Miami. They are trained in all the curly methods and are really helpful. Prices are a little steep, but it’s totally worth it to go at least once because you learn so much.

  • Nice blog! It was so helpful to finally read about another person with fine, curly hair. I’ve been using the CG method for about 2 months now and didn’t think I could get my hair to respond the way it has. I live in southern Arizona where it’s very dry 10 months of the year. Keeping my curls hydrated can be very challenging but I love experimenting with different products. The products you use seem very effective so I’m going to give them a try. Thank you for sharing your experiences and all the best to you!

    • Happy to help! I also struggled to find others with my hair type. The key for me has been not using the super moisturizing and heave curly products that work well for most others with curly hair. But I live in a very humid place so you probably don’t have that problem. If you try Evolvh, go with the UltraShine line. For Raw Curls, I prefer the Swavy shampoo and regular conditioner. Good luck!

  • I have spent most of my life fighting my curly hair, usually opting for keeping it cut short and blown out. Now I’m a senior citizen and my husband likes my curls. I use Wen products because they don’t have sulfate and my hair is healthier. However, my question is this: Does using microfiber or tee shirts really make that much difference in the frizz? Leaving in humid Ohio, my hair is always frizzy after the first day even with anti frizz products.

    • Yes it really does! Try it with a t shirt and see. Just squeeze your hair up a few times so it isn’t dripping and leave it alone. You will notice your curls will form a better cast which results in less frizz. Also, frizzy hair usually means it needs more conditioner. Try leaving in a more conditioner and make sure you use a strong hold gel on soaking wet hair to get a good cast to form. The good cast is key to having frizz free hair for days.

  • Girl there is no 2b in your hair ANYWHERE. Your hair is 2C/3A like mine, except mine has a little 3b thrown in at my windows peak. Stop undermining your hair!!

  • I loved this post so I tried EVERYTHING in your post including using the buff since I shower at night as well however I woke up with the hair at the crown split flat, it looks like I parted my hair at the crown and all hair around it is going away from it. Did you encounter this issue? How do you fix it… HELP

    • Hi Ana. Yes, this happens sometimes. 2 things have helped: 1- I make sure I don’t go to bed until after at least an hour has passed since my hair has dried to help it set the pattern/style. 2-I try to make sure when I put my hair in a buff it’s not split in the back. If I wake up with it like that, I just wet the section and flip my head upside down and diffuse a bit. Hope this helps

  • Your curls are absolutely gorgeous! My hair is kind of weird, I will try my best to explain.
    Background: During my teenage years I straightened my hair.. every. single. day. On top of that, I once put in a chemical straightener and would dye it all the time.
    Leading to my hair now:
    The sides of my hair is beautiful, natural, healthy curls. The back of my head – well, I think the hair is so damaged from years of abuse and sleeping on a cotton pillow (I use a silk pillow now), that I believe there is so much breakage back there that there is a portion of the back that is shorter than the rest of my hair. Also, that’s where a lot of my “mini dreadlocks” end up that I have to come out.

    I have decided to get my hair cut, to fix the issue. Do you recommend anything to prevent future breakage and to help the back of my hair grow out the same length as the rest of my hair? I have grown to embrace the curls, but cannot grow to embrace that certain section because it is so annoying.

    Oh! Also, my hair is kind of straight on top, and then turns into curls. I feel like that could be a result from me straightening it so much. Will I still be able to follow this method? Sorry for the story of questions! 🙂

    • You should try scalp massaging. I have seen lots of other curlies do it and speed up the growth of their hair. There are also some oils you can apply to the scalp to help with this, but I have not used any myself. Definitely deep condition on a regular basis to help with breakage. As you cut off the damaged part, the new growth should not break as much. SOme layers might also help with the uneven length. And the top of my curls are also pretty straight. In 8 years that has not changed so it could just be your hair type, or that the length weighs it down. It really just takes some time and care to get to where you want.

  • I see you wear the buff when you go to bed on wash days to protect your curls, but what do you wear on non-wash days when you go to bed to protect your curls? My hair is too short to pineapple (which is the most frequent recommendation), and I move constantly when I sleep, so it’s not like it would stay in place anyhow. Any tips?

    • I wear the buff every night. I also just invested in a silk pillowcase and I’ll be doing a post on night time protection soon. You’d probably do best with a silk pillowcase since you can’t pick up your hair.

  • I am brand new to this curly haired lifestyle and am working on a finding a routine that works. I’ve switched my products, dry with a t shirt and sleep on a silk pillowcase, and I am starting to see results for my 2B waves. My problem is the hair at the top of my head. It looks awful! It has so many flyaways and doesn’t lay nicely when it’s dry. How do I get it to stop sticking up every which way/turning into a ball of flyaways without brushing it?

    • It could be that you just need time for your hair to adjust or better application of products close to the roots. Also, if you’re using heavy products like those with shea butter then you need to clarify often and one sign is having frizz and flyaways.

  • Wow! Your hair looks exactly like mine…I was a little freaked out when I seen the photo of the back of your hair! I have never seen or met anyone that has the same type of curls and color as me! Love your tips!

  • I am trying ONCE AGAIN to grow my curls out. I see these tutorial and wish it was that easy for me. I seem to have all the curly hair types on my head in no particular pattern or order. FIne and course, flat, wavy, curly in different areas. No one has ever (in my 54 years) been able to cut or style my hair to any satisfaction. This morning I came so close to chopping it off again. I’ve been trying a more natural approach, but it’s so bad when its dry it looks like I have holes in different areas because those areas are sooooo tightly curly. I have to fight with it and beat it into submission just to feel ok enough to walk out the door and go to work. I guess I’m just venting, but your curls are B-E-A-UTIFUL!

    • Thank you Angela! I completely understand but remember that I started where you are. You can see it in the pic from before I did the CG method, my hair was 2a/2b, stringy, frizzy, and super damaged. It was so dry that it always looked bad but I stuck with it and after 6 months it started to change. It takes time and patience and it doesn’t always look good. Now it’s much easier because my hair is healthier and I have figured out how to style it best, but I have been doing this for almost 10 years. Stick with it and come up with a few go to hairstyles when your hair is not looking great to help get you through this period.

  • How often do you deep condition? What about deep clean? I’m prone to serbacious dermatitis if I don’t do a deep cleanse now and again. Also any suggestions to any changes I may need, I go to the gym or run daily. I’m in a super humid climate as well and had great luck with no poo until I stopped for some reason… but still struggle with something to keep the curls defined. Thanks!

    • I deep condition once a month because that’s all my hair needs. I clarify once every 2-3 months when I see lots of frizz and feel buildup and can go this long because I use a shampoo that lathers. I have a similar problem with my scalp so no or low poo doesn’t work for me. I have another post on scalp care on the blog.

  • Dee, just started using the CG method in my 2b hair. When I poop my hair in a T-shirt ir wrap it up to sleep at night when it’s wet, I end up with my front door looking all funky in the morning and then I have to pull it back. Ina clip at least the front. How can I avoid this?

    • Hi Shanna. I have similar issues when plopping for more than a few minutes so I simply don’t do it anymore. So sorry, I have no tips to improve plopping 🙁 Try not plopping and see how that works.

  • Thanks for all the great info! I think I may have similar hair to yours so goodness I hope I end up with lovely curls like you with CG. I am brand new to it and discovered my waves about 10 years ago, so have sometime worn my hair messy curly, but didn’t have a clue I needed to care for it differently until recently. A few weeks ago I saw a pinterest post about CG but the girl seemed like her hair was WAY curlier than mine, so I figured it wasn’t relevant. But this week, I noticed my hair seemed curlier…I’d unknowingly been doing some of the CG things for a month or so…I usually sleep with my hair in a bun at the top of my head, I use sulfate free shampoo and often just finger comb wet hair. I am so excited to get started in earnest now, especially now that I know I’m not crazy and my curls have gotten better. I have never seen the idea to sleep in a buff and I really like this idea…a bun some times leaves me with strands standing up strangely and I think a buff would be more gentle. Thank you for sharing your progress, products and routine for new curlies like me 🙂

    • Hi Caitlin! I’m so happy that my post has helped you. It is definitely a long journey but it’s totally worth it. Just remember to have patience and experiment a lot because your hair is not exactly the same as anyone else. That’s how I figured it all out.

  • Thank you for all this information! I just discovered how to properly take care of my hair about a year ago, and I”m still having difficulties. I’m only 15 so I can’t really try a bunch of different products or even buy a buff since neither of my parents has to deal with curly hair and they think all the ‘extra’ products are a waste of money. I was wondering if you had any suggestions on how to wear my hair at night without a buff, maybe a cheaper avenue? Also, I have 3a-3b curls (depends on the mood of my curls honestly) and I have trouble getting my curls to reach closer to my scalp. My hair lacks volume (though the curls at the ends look mostly okay) and I can’t make the curl go the full length of the strand. I know it can, it (sometimes) used to before I started the curly girl method. I was hoping you would have any suggestions for me. Thank you!

    • Try a satin pillowcase. That would be your cheapest option. You need something that will let the hair slide so it doesn’t get ruined at night. And as far as the curl starting higher up, I had that problem for years. So I don’t think there is much you can do. Remember that hormones can change your hair so that might be what happened, or the length is weighing it down. My fix is to diffuse upside down. This gives me more volume and pushing the curl up while it’s drying makes it start a bit higher.

  • Thank you for this post! I ordered the Evolvh Smart Curls tester size line plus Wonderbalm after reading this. The first time I used it my curls were amazing and lasted so well over the next few days (with the exception of super frizz at my scalp – any recommendations for this?). I haven’t been able to recreate that since though. Rather my hair looks quite dry and inconsistently wavy/curly throughout.Do you have any suggestions? I also never get the “crunch” with these products. Should I? And last question – what does the Wonderbalm actually do?

    Thank you for your help!!

    • Hi Gina. I don’t get that crunch with these products either so don’t worry about that. If you have lots of frizz at the top try different application methods and make sure your hair is really clumped well when you apply the styling products. Also id your hair looks dry it needs more conditioner. Do deep conditioners and use lots of leave in. And the Wonderbalm helps define curls and gives them shine and softness. It’s not something I need but I do like how it makes my curls look.

      • Thank you for your reply! I will keep experimenting. I will be in the US this weekend so I plan to try out some products we can’t get in Canada 🙂

  • Came across this article looking for a nighttime routine and I’m so happy I did! I’m four months in to being curly, and your hair type is the first I’ve seen most like mine. I’ve been using heavy creams in my thin, 2c hair and the buildup gets so bad after just one day. I can’t wait to try the products and methods you use, thank you for this!

    • Hi Danae! Glas my post is helpful. I struggled to find the right products for my thin hair so I understand. I hope these tips and products work for you!

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