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Black Owned Clean Beauty Brands

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While I understand that most people really love the convenience of shopping from places like Target, Walmart, and Amazon, I have always thought it is very important to vote with your dollars.

Think about where your money goes when you shop at certain places. What demand is this creating? Who is getting this money and who is it helping? What causes are these stores supporting and donating to?

I try to consider these things when I can. Sometimes budget means I don’t really have a choice. But if I can afford to shop better, I do.

The more money certain brands and stores get, the more demand there is. So we need to create a demand for more minority representation in the clean beauty industry.

I am so glad that right now more people are choosing to be conscious of this and want to support more minorities in our country.

Because of that, I rounded up all the Black-owned clean haircare, skincare, and makeup brands I could find. Remember that I focus on clean, nontoxic brands so this list isn’t a roundup of all Black-owned beauty brands.

I referenced a variety of posts going around with lists of Black-owned businesses to compile this clean beauty list. If you know of any others please leave a comment and I can add them to the list.

There are some brands I checked that do not list their ingredients lists online so I could not determine if there were clean or not.

Black-owned clean nontoxic haircare, skincare, and makeup brands


*Note: Some of these brands sell products that are NOT CG approved. Check ingredients to be sure.

  1. 2 Girls With Curls
  2. Adwoa Beauty
  3. Alaffia – they also have skincare products
  4. Alikay Naturals – not super clean as they use fragrance and color additives
  5. As I Am
  6. Bekura Beauty
  7. Bomba Curls
  8. Briogeo – I love their Curl Charisma and Scalp Revival lines
  9. Boucleme – UK brand
  10. Camille Rose
  11. Curls
  12. Ecoslay
  13. Honey’s Handmade
  14. Inahsi Naturals
  15. Kinky Curly
  16. Mielle Organics – another not super clean option but still worthy of a mention
  17. Mohagany Naturals – UK brand
  18. Oyin Handmade
  19. Rawkyn
  20. Obia Naturals
  21. Organic Grow Hair Co
  22. Righteous Roots
  23. TreLuxe – check out my brand review here
  24. Trepadora Curl Therapy – UK brand
  25. Uncle Funky’s Daughter


  1. Alaffia
  2. Aseede 
  3. Bri Braggs 
  4. Beneath Your Mask 
  5. Camille Rose
  6. Ellie Bianca 
  7. Folie Apothecary 
  8. Free + True 
  9. Girl B Natural – feminine care
  10. Hanahana Beauty
  11. Harvest Natural Beauty – feminine care
  12. The Honey Pot
  13. IWI Fresh 
  14. IYOBA 
  15. Jacq’s 
  16. LBB 
  17. The London Grant Co 
  18. Mary Louise Cosmetics
  19. Matrescence
  20. Nolaskinsentials 
  21. Obia Naturals – body care
  22. Okoko Cosmetiques
  23. Organic Bath Co
  25. PiperWai 
  26. Redoux 
  27. Rosen Skincare 
  28. Shea Moisture
  29. Skin Buttr
  30. Son Shine Bath 
  31. Temple Zen Skincare
  32. Terra Tory 
  33. True Moringa
  34. Unplugged Essentials 
  35. Zandra


  1. Habit Cosmetics nail polish
  2. Josephine Cosmetics
  3. Laws of Nature Cosmetics
  4. Pear Nova 5 free nail polish
  5. Plain Jane Beauty

See any brands missing? Let me know in the comments!

60+ Black owned clean beauty brands for hair care, skin care and makeup

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  1. This is so great, thanks for compiling this! Because nothing can ever just be simple, in the wake of support for Black owned businesses, there’s been media coverage about some brands that WERE Black-owned but then were bought out by conglomerates that are not Black owned. Shea Moisture appears to fall into this bucket — the original founders were indeed Black, but they were bought out by an arm of Unilever. Here’s an example article https://www.newsweek.com/list-non-black-hair-brands-shea-moisture-carols-daughter-1509677

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