TreLuxe Product Review for Thin Curls and Waves

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TreLuxe kindly sent me three of their products to try out. I chose the Curls Renew & Restore Cleanser, Untie The Knot conditioner, and their very popular Hi! Definition gel. After trying them for a few weeks here is my full review of each product.

Overall, I was happy with the line. Their products all work as advertised, have great ingredients, and are simple to use.

My one complaint is how scented the products are. Most smell nice but the scents are stronger than other natural lines so if you're sensitive to scented products I am not sure these would work for you.

Otherwise, they are a great choice overall and I would recommend this brand for most people.

You can try them with 15% off using my affiliate code holisticenchilada15 on their website.

About TreLuxe

TreLuxe is a brand that aims to help those with curly and wavy hair find quality products while keeping things simple. Now you all know I love simple so this is right up my alley. Just 3 products to wash and style is something I totally support. Their products work on a wide range of curlies and wavies and use quality ingredients.

They also fund health, wellness, and education for at-risk girls in low income communities! I love it when brands give back like this.

They are now starting to show up on Walgreen's shelves around the country in addition to being online and in Whole Foods. Their prices are fairly moderate too so they are a more accessible curly brand.

three treluxe products cleaners leave-in conditioners and hi! definitions get on a white marble surface

TreLuxe Curl Renew & Restore Review

This is their low poo cleanser, pictured above in the green bottle. It's a low sudsing shampoo that doesn't strip my hair and isn't too cleansing. I find it more moisturizing than the low poos I normally choose, so I think it would work well for most people.

It has a nice fresh scent, although it's definitely synthetic. I didn't find it overpowering and it didn't linger. It left my hair clean and fresh feeling.

It's not stripping enough for me to use every wash. I would have to alternate it with a more cleansing shampoo and clarify often. For most people though, this would be perfect.

You can find the cleanser here.

Delilah Orpi the holistic enchilada smiling and showing her curls while holding three TreLuxe hair products
TreLuxe wash day

TreLuxe Untie The Knot conditioner Review

I love dual purpose products and this is a conditioner and leave in. It is creamy and moisturizing but this one has a much stronger cinnamon scent. I did find that it lingered so that's the one thing I didn't like about it. But it left my hair perfectly soft and not over moisturized.

I did use too much the first time so I rinsed it all out and only left in a tiny dab squished with lots of water the next time, and that worked perfectly.

It spreads easily and has good slip so detangling was easy. I always let my conditioner sit for a few minutes then squish in some water before detangling anyway.

As a daily conditioner, I think this might be just slightly too moisturizing for me, so I would probably not use any leave in if I was solely using this. Remember though, that is just the case for my hair which does not like a lot of moisture. I am not the norm in the curly world!

You can find the conditioner here.

results of TreLuxe styling routine for fine curly hair with Delilah facing camera

TreLuxe Hi! Definition Gel Review

This curl enhancing gel is very popular. It comes in a jar but it's thicker and has a lot of protein. It also has that clean scent much like the cleanser.

This gel is aloe based but it is glycerin free. My hair loves aloe based gels but it also loves glycerin. Also, the amount of protein is much more than my other styling products.

It works for well me but I definitely notice that my hair has tighter curls when I use styling products with glycerin. Still, as you can see from the photos it works great for my hair.

The gel gives amazing definition without weighing down my hair. The hold lasts several days, and it also adds some shine. As I said before, it's not as springy as when I use products with glycerin but this is a great option to use in the summer when glycerin is something I want to avoid. And although it lasts several days, it falls flatter each day likely due to the lack of glycerin which makes my curls spring more.

If your hair likes aloe and protein then this would be a great gel for you. I will continue to use it because it works great, but I might leave it for the summer when I try to avoid glycerin heavy products.

You can find the gel here.

Results of  Delilah's review of TreLuxe shown with her hair in a band and smiling
day 3 hair using all TreLuxe products

TreLuxe ReFlex Curl Styling Serum

This product I purchased myself after seeing so many glowing reviews. And they were not wrong!

This is by far my favorite product of theirs and I regularly use it with EVOLVh to get ultimate volume and definition in my thin curls.

It's a clear oil-free liquid that can be used on its own or paired with another styling product. According to the listing of TreLuxes' website, the ReFlex serum helps to:

  1. Increase curl elasticity
  2. Improve hair flexibility
  3. Hydrate hair/reduce moisture loss
  4. Strengthen hair by stabilizing bonds within the hair’s cortex
  5. Improve the texture of hair and create a smooth, polished appearance

I find that this product does indeed do all of these things. It's pretty amazing!

My hair is extra shiny and soft with this serum. It's as if it smooths down each strand of hair and I notice fewer tangles with it.

It does have a strong scent but I use it anyway because it works so well.

You can find the serum here.

Delilah holding treluxe glycerin free products for curly hair in front of reddish blue background

Final Thoughts

Overall I really liked the products and will continue to use them.

If your hair is like mine and it doesn't like moisture, then I'd avoid the cleanser and conditioner and just try the gel. Otherwise, these products would work well for all hair types that like protein and aloe.

You can try them with 15% off using my affiliate code holisticenchilada15 on their website.

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TreLuxe review for 2c 3a fine curly hair
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  1. Hello,

    I have the serum and gel. I love the products however being in South Florida and humidity I still get some frizz.
    I have fine hair with 3A-B. if there a sealant you would recommend?

    1. Hi Joy. These products shouldn’t need a sealant since they don’t have humectants, but you can try a few drops of a lightweight oil like jojoba. Remember that you will have some frizz no matter what, especially with the weather in Florida. I am never frizz free. But if you want less frizz, try playing around with the amount of leave in you use or perhaps a harder hold gel. Some people also do well layering something like flaxseed gel or the Ecoslay Orange Marmalade under their gel for better frizz control.

  2. Do you think the serum and gel would work well for coarse and medium porosity hair? What other gels with protein do you recommend?

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