Evolvh SmartBody Wash, Lotions and Body Butter

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I’m back with another Evolvh review for you all. But this time, I’m reviewing their new body products. 

Evolvh recently launched their SmartBody line which includes a body wash, body lotion, and body butter. You can purchase the items separately or for a limited time in a holiday set and save a little. My overall impression is that these products are very high quality and very nourishing. They all have a nice clean, citrusy scent that is similar to the UltraShine hair products. My favorite is the body wash, but I really like all 3 products and would purchase them all again. Read on for my thoughts on each product.

SmartBody Wash

Like I said before, this is my favorite of the 3. I love that it pumps out into a nice, fluffy foam so you don’t get too much product. It has a light lather that spreads easily. It smells lovely and fresh. My favorite thing about it is how it doesn’t leave my skin feeling dry. In fact, it actually moisturizes while it cleans. Normally right out of the shower, my legs look ashy and with regular soap my skin is itchy within minutes of drying so I have to rush to apply cream. That’s’ not the case with this product. My skin is clean and soft. I’ve been using the same bottle for almost 3 months (along with my heavy handed daughter) and it’s still not empty. The price is $24 for 8.5 oz which is a little high for soap, but definitely worth it. 

SmartBody Lotion

This lotion is luxurious and very hydrating. It’s slightly thicker than most lotions but not greasy and still feels light and absorbs quickly. Like the body wash, it has the same scent and little goes a long way. I like to use it all over my body after showering. My skin is pretty dry and with this lotion I find I don’t need to reapply. The price is $26 for 8.5 oz which seems pretty standard and almost a bargain for what it does. 

SmartBody Butter

This stuff is no joke. Ultra moisturizing and luxurious, it’s like a really thick lotion. It moisturizes like a body butter but feels more like a lotion, which I love because I’m not a fan of having greasy skin and waiting 30 minutes for oil based body butters to absorb to get dressed or sit down. This stuff absorbs within minutes just like lotion, but leaves your skin so moisturized. It’s formulated with oils, butters, and water, which is why it’s different to most other body butters which only contain oils and butters. I like to use it on my feet, elbows, legs, and other really dry, rough spots. The price is $42 for 8.5 oz which seems a little high but since you use so little it lasts a while, making it less pricey. I’ve tried other body butters that are priced similarly that are not worth it. This stuff is! If you’re looking for an effective body butter that is not greasy at all, then this is a great one. 

If you’re interested in trying out any of these products be sure to use my coupon code HE15 for 15% off your order! And let me know what you think about them. These are definitely one of my favorites for body care.

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