Do You Want a Rezo Cut? Here’s 5 Things To Think About

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The Rezo Cut is a pretty new hair style that has got everyone in the curly world talking. If you want a curly hair cut to emphasize your natural curl pattern and give you beautiful voluminous curls, you should definitely take a look at the Rezo Cut!

When you’re at the start of your curly girl journey, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by all the different curly hair styling products and curly cuts you can choose from. A fabulous curly hairstyle makes all the difference to your appearance, and the Rezo cut is a versatile cut for curly hair textures that takes minimal styling and maintenance.

If you’re new to the Rezo cut and want to know more, this guide is for you. We’ll explain what a Rezo cut is, what hair types it works on, and how to maintain your Rezo cut. We’ll also help you understand the difference between two popular curly cuts: the Rezo cut and the Deva cut.

What Is a Rezo Cut?

The Rezo Cut or Rëzo Cut is a specialist curl cutting technique invented by master stylist and curl expert Nubia Suarez. This technique adds lift to your hair from the root area and gives more volume and curl definition with minimal styling required. 

Unlike most styles, the Rezo Cut is created on dry hair so that your stylist can see the usual length of your hair. Cutting curly hair when it’s wet makes it harder to judge how much to cut off without leaving your mane too short. 

So when you get a Rezo Cut, your stylist won’t have to worry about cutting too much off your hair. They can see your hair’s natural state and how the volume and definition of your curls are progressing while they work.

The Rezo Cut makes it possible for curly girls to accentuate the natural beauty of their curl pattern without sacrificing the length of their tresses. Your stylist will section your dry curls into V’s before making triangle and circle cuts that give a balanced shape with uniform curls. This innovative technique means that your curly cut even looks great after straightening.

And when you combine the Rëzo Cut with a great curly hair care regimen, your curls are sure to look fabulous.

Who Is the Rezo Cut For?

The Rezo Cut is fantastic for nearly all curly hair textures and lengths. You’ll see the best results from the Rezo Cut if you have Type 3 curls, but it can also work wonders on coily and wavy hair. 

This cutting technique is based on adding body, volume, and balance to your curls, which makes it equally ideal for cute pixie cuts, curly bobs, and cascading curly hair. 

And because the style is personalized to your unique curls, it can also be tweaked to suit all face shapes. Your stylist can alter the balance of your curls to elongate a round shape face or add width to a more angular facial structure with voluminous curls.

However, the Rezo Cut works best on medium to full-density hair. So, if your hair is quite fine, or if you have straight or type 2A wavy hair, this style won’t work so well with your hair.

5 Things To Consider When Getting a Rezo Cut

This style is pretty safe for all curly haired people, but there are still a few things to bear in mind before you head to the salon:

Hair Texture and Natural Curl Pattern

A Rezo Cut is one of the most versatile cuts for curly hair. It works on almost every curl type and adds volume and shape to natural hair. 

It’lll add the most volume to full-bodied Type 3 curls and Type 4 coils, but also works well on Type 2B and 2C waves.

But if you have Type 2A hair, you’ll probably find that the Rezo Cut will only add a little extra movement and bounce to your waves. This hair type doesn’t have enough curl definition to work with the Rezo Cut.

And unfortunately, this cut isn’t suitable for straight hair.

Maintenance Level

This hairstyle is low maintenance and looks great as it grows out, so it’s perfect for curly girls who don’t want to visit the salon too often.

How long you can leave it between trims will depend on your hair type and texture. If you have loose curls, your style should look great for at least three months before you need to return to the salon. Tight, curly textures can even last six months before they need a trim.

Styling Preferences

The Rezo Cut is excellent for creating curl definition and volume, but it does need some styling to look its best. 

After your shampoo session, apply a leave in conditioner to soaking wet hair, then section your hair and apply generous amounts of gel or mousse. Flip your hair over and scrunch it with your hands or a microfiber towel – a cotton t-shirt will absorb too much of your styling product. 

If you really want to pump up the volume, you can blow dry your hair with a diffuser. Air drying also works well, just don’t touch your curls until they’re perfectly dry.  

And when you fancy a change from your fabulous Rezo Cut curls, you’ll be happy to hear that the style looks great after straightening, too. Remember to apply a good heat protectant before you bring out the straightening irons.

Face Shape Compatibility

The Rezo Cut is a very adaptable style that’s suitable for any face shape. Your stylist can adjust your parting and the shape of the style to enhance your hair’s volume and length, letting your curls fall beautifully around your face.

Cost of Professional Consultation

A Rezo Cut costs anything from $90 to $250 or more, depending on your stylist’s experience and the salon’s location. If you want the best possible Rezo Cut, it’s essential to choose a curly hair stylist who specializes in this cut.

You’ll also need to factor in the cost of regular maintenance appointments to keep your cut looking great, but luckily, the Rezo Cut is a pretty low-maintenance style.

Rezo Cut vs. Deva Cut

The Deva Cut is another popular curly cut created on dry curls, and you might be wondering about the differences between the Rezo Cut and the Deva Cut.

The Deva Cut was invented by Lorraine Massey, who also created the Curly Girl Method. So, it’s no surprise that the Deva Cut is designed to help curly hair look its best. This classic hairstyle focuses on creating face framing curls, so there’s no specific style or pattern, and cutting curl by curl gives a truly personalized finish and fantastic curl definition. 

The only downside to this cutting process is that the Deva Cut can look a little uneven on straightened hair.

On the other hand, the Rezo Cut uses various parting techniques and circular cuts to create a balanced look with an even length around your head. This curly cut creates voluminous curls with plenty of movement and also looks great when straightened.

So which is better – the Deva Cut or the Rezo Cut?

That comes down to your hair and personal preference. The Deva Cut is a face framing style that brings out the beauty of your curls, while the Rezo Cut enhances your hair’s natural volume and shape and gives you more versatile styling options.

Hair Types That Suit Rezo Cuts

The Rezo haircut works well on wavy, curly, and coily hair, but you’ll see the best results if your hair is Type 3 or Type 4.

If you’ve got Type 2A waves, you won’t find that the cut gives you much added volume, but as long as your hair is medium to high density, you should see some extra movement in your waves.

The Rezo Cut: Before and After

It’s easy to see why curly girls love the Rezo Cut – just check out these fantastic before and after pictures:

The Maintenance of a Rezo Cut

The Rezo technique is perfect if you’re looking for an easy-care cut. You’lll only need to visit your stylist for a trim every 3-6 months. 

If you have pretty loose curls, you’ll probably need a trim every 3 months to keep the shape looking good. But if you have small curls, you can probably wait 6 months or even a little longer between stylist appointments.  

The cut keeps its beautiful shape well as it grows out, so you may even be able to stretch it out a little longer, depending on your personal preference.

4 Best Products To Use With a Rezo Cut

Caring for a Rezo Cut is just the same as your regular curly hair regimen. Avoid styling products that contain sulfates, silicones, and drying alcohols, and pamper your tresses with non sulfate shampoos, moisturizing oils, and deep conditioner treatments. You can also use sealing oils to lock all that moisture in. 

Some of the best products to care for your Rezo Cut include:

Maui Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner Set

This shampoo and conditioner set will moisturize, strengthen, and protect your hair. The gorgeous moisturizing non sulfate shampoo deeply cleanses curly hair, while the aloe vera, mango butter, and coconut oil in the conditioner deliver hydration for shiny, healthy locks. 

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Hydrate dry locks with this vegan, sulfate- and parabens-free mask. It’s packed with nourishing ingredients like shea butter, macadamia oil, and aloe vera. It can also double as a leave-in conditioner for daily use, even after you’ve used a hair dye.

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OGX Extra Strength Renewing + Argan Oil of Morocco Penetrating Hair Oil Treatment

Argan oil is a powerful addition to your hair care routine. It penetrates deep into your strands, helping to bring back smoothness to coarse, dry hair, and also seals the moisture in, leaving your hair soft and shiny for longer. 

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TWIST Hit Reset Light Clarifying Shampoo

If your mousse or gel causes product build up, using this clarifying shampoo every 1-2 weeks will leave your hair perfectly clean. Clarifying shampoos can be drying for some, so you may need to follow up with a deep conditioner.

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Still want more info about the Rezo Cut? These frequently asked questions have got you covered.

How Much Does a Rezo Cut Cost?

The cost of a Rezo Cut varies depending on the experience of your stylist, the salon’s location, and the length and density of your curls. 

Nubia Suarez charges $200+ for a Rezo Cut at her salon, and you can expect to pay somewhere between $90 and $200+ at other salons. Some salons charge less, but you might find that the quality of your cut isn’t as good as you hope. 

Can I Get a Rezo Cut on Straight Hair?

Unfortunately, the Rezo Cut doesn’t work well on straight locks. It will add a little extra movement to Type 2A hair but works best with Type 2B hair or higher. 

How Long Does a Rezo Cut Last?

A Rezo Cut maintains really easily, so you will probably only visit your stylist every 3-6 months for a trim. 

Looser curls will need more frequent trims than tight curls and coils, and if you trim your bangs regularly, you can even stretch out the time between full appointments a little further.

Can I Get a Rezo Cut if My Hair Is Naturally Thin?

Rezo Cuts work best on wavy and curly hair with medium to full volume. It won’t work as well on thin hair but could still give your locks some extra movement.

What Is the Typical Length of a Rezo Cut?

A curl specialist will take around 1-2 hours to create a Rezo Cut. Long or thick hair will take longer to cut and style than shorter curls. 

Can I Style My Hair Differently After Getting a Rezo Cut?

The Rezo Cut uses a combination of Vs and circle cuts to give your curls a balanced shape and even length. This means it will also look great if you straighten your locks.

What Face Shapes Complement a Rezo Cut?

The versatile Rezo Cut works really well on all face shapes, because your curly hair stylist can tailor the cut to suit your individual facial structure. So, this curly cut will look fabulous whether you have a round shape face, a rectangular shape face or a heart shape face.

Is It Possible To Perform a Rezo Cut at Home?

Performing a Rezo Cut at home could result in an uneven cut with gaps or blocky shelves. Cutting your own hair into this style should only be attempted if you’re experienced with the hair shears. 

Visiting a curl specialist is the best option for getting a Rezo Cut, as their curly hair knowledge will allow them to create an even cut that accentuates your curls beautifully.

Who Created the Rezo Haircut?

Curly hair guru Nubia Suarez created the Rezo Cut in 2011. She owns Utopia Salon and Day Spa and the Rëzo Salon, which both specialize in the Rezo haircut.

Is Rezo Cut Wet or Dry?

A Rezo Cut is a dry cutting technique. Cutting the style into dry hair allows the stylist to see your curls’ true shape and length. This also makes the style easier to customize, enhancing your curl type and texture.

Is a Rezo Cut Worth It?

If you have curly hair, the Rezo haircut could be the perfect cut for you. This flexible style adds fabulous bounce and face framing volume to curly hair. It works with almost every curly hair texture and length and suits most face shapes.

The Rezo Cut is also easy to maintain. It doesn’t need masses of styling to look great, and you won’t need to visit the salon every few weeks to keep the cut in shape. You can even straighten your hair, and the Rezo Cut will still look fantastic.

If you’re considering a Rezo Cut, visiting a curl specialist is the best option. That way, you can ensure you get the curly look of your dreams.

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