A Review of the EVOLVh Healthy Curls Trio

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Continuing on my deep dive into some of my favorite EVOLVh products, I’m sharing all about their Healthy Curls Trio, a bundle of the 3 staple curly hair products they offer.

The Healthy Curls Trio is a discounted bundled set of the SmartCurl hydrating shampoo, SmartCurl hydrating conditioner, and SmartCurl leave-in conditioning spray. If you already love these three products, purchasing the Healthy Curls Trio bundle will save you a little mula!

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Before I get into all the amazing reasons why I love this bundle, I want to let you know that this post is sponsored by EVOLVh. Longtime readers already know about my love affair with EVOLVh products so it’s probably no surprise, but do know that I don’t write sponsored posts about products I don’t believe in and use myself and wholeheartedly recommend.

EVOLVh Healthy Curls Trio
photo via EVOLVh

Lightweight Curly Hair Products For All Curl Types

The SmartCurl shampoo and conditioner are the two products that transformed my hair early on in my curly hair journey. They were the first curly hair products I tried that didn’t leave my hair feeling weighed down, and actually left my hair clean and bouncy!

One of the most challenging aspects of embracing my curls has been finding products that are lightweight for my fine curls. Most curly hair products are full of butters and waxes aimed at taiming curls and weighing them down, but I don’t need that. My hair loves a good cleansing shampoo, a lighter conditioner, and water soluble products.

EVOLVh products on fine curly hair

Enter the EVOLVh Healthy Curls Trio. These three were the base of my routine for so long (I no longer use leave-in because my hair doesn’t need it, but this one is a favorite). The shampoo lathers up so nicely, much like the traditional sulfate shampoos I missed. The conditioner soaks right into my hair, rinsing out to leave my curls soft and moisturized. The leave-in melts away my tangles without weighing down my hair.

Why I love the Healthy Curls Trio

What I love about this line is that they work well on all curl types. If you have hair like mine, you simply use less product. But if your hair is thicker or needs more moisture, you simply use more product. And because it’s water soluble, it won’t build up like other products so your hair can actually get healthier over time.

These products are also very concentrated. So you don’t need much and they will last a long time. They do need water to work which many people don’t realize. Always start with a little product, and add water before adding more product. Typically, you won’t need more product as the water helps disperse the product all over your hair.

These products are vegan, gluten-free, made using organic ingredients, and of course, are curly girl approved. They take a little tweaking to figure out the right amounts to use but most people that I have recommended these products to have been very happy.

how to use the EVOLVh Healthy Curls Trio instructions

How to use the Healthy Curls Trio

A few things to note about these products:

  1. The shampoo is very cleansing and can leave dry hair feeling dry. If your hair is on the dry side or doesn’t like strong shampoos, use this less often and use less product. Add water to help it lather and spread around your scalp more. With all hair types, focus only on the scalp and don’t apply any to the length of your hair.
  2. The conditioner soaks right in and feels like nothing is in your hair, which can trick you into thinking you need to use more. It doesn’t have a lot of slip, but if you let it sit and add water, it will soften your hair well enough to detangle. The key is adding water and letting it sit for a few minutes before assessing if you need more or even trying to detangle. Add water and wait!
EVOLVh Healthy Curls Trio wash day results
EVOLVh Healthy Curls Trio wash day results
  • For fine, low-density, low porosity, or easily weighed down curls:

You’ll want to focus on not using too much conditioner. Start with a small amount, apply to the length of your hair, and let it sit for a few minutes. Scrunch in some water and you’ll feel it soften. Detangle at this point and decide if you need to add a little more conditioner.

With the leave-in, spray some at the ends and scrunch up. You can brush if needed and add more, but be careful not to overdo it.

  • For dry or thick curls:

You may need to wash less often since this shampoo is quite cleansing. Use a little shampoo, add water, and massage to get a good lather. After rinsing, add some conditioner to your hair. Let it sit for a few minutes, then scrunch in some water. Try detangling and if it’s not soft enough, go ahead and add a little more conditioner and scrunch in some more water. Wait a few minutes again. These products need water to work and you’ll notice your hair soften with this process.

Spray the leave in as desired. The more you use, the more definition and softness you’ll have.

  • For all other curls types:

You don’t have to be as careful with these products. Use the same process as those with dry curls (see paragraph above), but you don’t need to worry about the shampoo drying out your hair.

Refreshing tip: You can also use the leave-in conditioner to refresh your hair if it needs some moisture the next day. To do this, simply spray a small amount on the length of your hair and finger coil any funky curls. You can also add more styling product after this if needed.

Watch my video below where I talk about this bundle and show you exactly how I use them.

Code HE15 will save you 15% on your first order. Grab the Healthy Curls Trio here.

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  1. No it isn’t included in any of the sets, unfortunately, and it is the only styling product of theirs that you could use as a single styler. I would recommend you grab the travel size of the cream along with the Trio or trial kit.

  2. The Total Control creme is the only one with any hold and can be used as a single styler. It is low moisture and has a medium hold. It also adds some volume.
    The SuperCurl cream is a moisturizing cream that helps create definition and is layered under a styler like a gel or the Total Control creme. It’s too heavy for my hair since my hair doesn’t need any extra moisture, but it’s a good curl cream that should work for most hair types.
    The Ultimate Styling Lotion is very lightweight and light hold, almost like a foam. I don’t recommend this one for curly hair as the others work better.

    1. This is so helpful thank you! My hair is Type2A, low density, and high porosity. I live in Arizona (dry heat) and the water here is hard water. I am brand new to all things curly girl and based on your description it sounds like the SuperCurl might be too heavy for my hair type. I read your free Master your Curls quick guide and it the styling section definitely feel the apply product to hands and scrunching up will be do-able with life with kids. With that being said I really want to see my hairs potential so the Total Control sounds like a win since you the lotion does not sounds like it words as well. However, since I don’t intend on using a diffuser, will that be a problem?

      1. It’s hard to say as some people do better with air drying than others. I think since my hair is so fine and it dries quickly, it tends to fluff up as it air dries unless I’m using a gel with a hard cast. You could add a scrunch of gel on the ends over this creme to help with air drying. DIY flaxseed gel (or a purchased version) would work well for this.

  3. I mean that since the shampoo is very cleansing, if you experience dryness when shampooing then you would not want to use this one as often.

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