Uneven Curl Pattern? Try These Tips

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Are you looking for a way to fix your uneven curl pattern? You don’t have to know your actual curl type (but you can check them out here), but if you have different curl types or some looser areas, there are a few things you can do to help your curls look more uniform.

I know how frustrating it can be when your hair doesn’t cooperate with what you want it to do. That’s why I’m sharing my top three ways to fix an uneven curl pattern so you’ll finally be able to rock those natural curls without any problem at all!

1. Do Nothing

Probably not what you wanna hear but keep reading, I promise I have actual techniques to help even out your curl pattern below!

I just want you to know that it’s normal to have an uneven curl pattern and other “problems” like frizz and flat roots.

It’s normal to have different curl patterns. It’s normal to have a section with looser or tighter curls than the rest of your hair. It’s normal to have some wonky curls that stick out amongst the rest.

I recently shared about this on Instagram using the graphic below, and so many others resonated with it. I have 2b 2c and 3a curls. I don’t stress about my straighter sections and wonky pieces, and that’s an option for you.

Just wanted you to know that you don’t have to ‘fix’ something that isn’t wrong.

uneven curl pattern hacks

So you can embrace it and let go of the wanting to force your hair to do what you want. It’s very freeing and easier to deal with, but I understand this is not for everyone.

2. Minimal Effort Techniques

If you want to try something that isn’t going to add hours or a bunch of steps to your routine, try one of these easy tweaks to help with your uneven curl pattern.

Try a curl enhancer

Curl enhancers or curl activators can help looser curling areas spring up a bit more and form better clumps. Check out my top picks for curl activators here.

You can use a curl enhancer all over or just in the section you want to encourage more curl.

Use a hard hold gel

Along with the curl enhancer, use a hard hold gel to hold the curl pattern longer. I suggest you use this all over and layer it over the curl activator, unless you’re using a gel that’s also a curl enhancer.

And just FYI, hard hold gel does not mean hard cast, nor does it mean your style will stay the same for a number of days. Hard hold gels help hold the curl pattern and clump together for longer than any other styling product, but your curls will frizz and loosen over time. It will just take longer to happen with a hard hold gel.

use a hard hold gel to help uneven curly hair

Use a brush to distribute product

Sometimes we get uneven results because the product is not spread all over our curls. Using a curly hairbrush or comb after applying your styling products can help distribute the product more evenly for better results.

I recommend you use a Wet Brush, Denman Brush, or Briogeo Vegan Brush for this purpose. But of course, you can use whatever you have on hand that works for you.

If you decide to do this remember to brush up and away from the scalp to prevent the flat curls look.

Diffuse dry for at least a few minutes

Diffusing helps to lock in your style so it lasts a lot longer than if you air dry. It activates styling product, helps form the cast, and locks your curls in the pattern.

If you’re totally opposed to diffusing, you can try diffusing for just a few minutes to set the style and air dry the rest of the way. If you really don’t want to, then air dry but don’t expect the longevity that diffusing gives you.

Diffusing Tip: Be careful with the diffuser and causing wonky ends with careless technique. Make sure you take small sections into the diffuser and let the curls coil in before pushing it up against your scalp and turning it on. You don’t want to haphazardly push the diffuser and bend your curl clumps in weird places or leave it on while you’re moving to another section which creates frizz. Or you can hover diffuse to avoid this issue.

Flip your part

If the problem area can be covered by flipping your part, this is the easiest solution. My hair tends to loosen over time after wash day, so flipping my part covers the loose roots on my right side.

diffusing for uneven curl pattern

3. Best Techniques

These techniques to help with an uneven curl pattern take more time and effort but yield better results. They are not permanent though and have to be done every wash day.

Finger coiling or Brush Styling

When styling you can try finger coiling or using a brush to create even ringlets. I recommend you focus only on the problem areas or else you’ll be spending hours styling your hair.

To do this, apply your styling products as you normally do, then finger coil or use a brush to create curl clumps.

I don’t have any finger coiling videos (too time consuming for me) but I do have a brush styling video with a quick and easy technique for fixing wonky areas.

In addition to this, use a hard hold gel and diffuse to set the style. I find that not only does this help even out my curls and create a more uniform look, but it also helps my style last longer.

behairful brush for uneven curl pattern

Curl Training

This is very popular on social media but I don’t think this actually works. Some people swear it made a difference, but my theory is their hair got healthier and they used manipulation to style anyway.

If you want to try it, curl training is where you restore “curl memory” by finger coiling or twisting your curls after applying deep conditioner and when styling (so it’s basically manipulation but not only for styling). In theory, after some time of doing this, your curls become more even.

I say save your time and do the manipulation when you style your hair, but it’s up to you.

Bottom Line

We all want to feel confident in our hair, but sometimes it’s hard when your curls are just not behaving the way you would like them to. Whether that means they’re too loose or too tight, or if they don’t look uniform throughout, you can try these simple tricks today so you’ll be able to wear your natural curl pattern with ease! 

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5 tips to fix an uneven curl pattern

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