Curly Chronicles: How SPK Takes Care of Her Thinning Curly Hair

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SPK lives in the Northeastern US and has naturally wavy and curly, low density, and medium to low porosity hair. She is currently dealing with some thinning but has embraced her natural hair for the last 18 years. Read on to learn more about her curly hair journey.

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What was it like growing up with textured hair? 

I wore my hair straight mostly.

What made you decide to transition to wearing your hair curly/wavy? 

Decided to go with the natural look about 18 years ago.

natural thin curls

What has been the most difficult part of your curly hair journey?

My hair is thinning, most likely because of some medications I need to take; therefore, I use Rogaine (now every other – to every 3rd day – used to be daily). The Rogaine tends to dry out my hair, but I use product, also, to keep it as healthy as possible. I have probably 2A-2B hair.

What has surprised you most about your curly hair journey?

I thought it would be easier than washing my hair daily and drying it straight – NOT QUITE! The easier part is that I can wash it now every 3rd or 4th day – depending on how much Rogaine slips out of the foam container!

How have other people reacted to your hair transformation and journey?

Most really like it!

curly hair journey for thinning hair

What's the most important thing you learned on your curly hair journey?

Using different products, diffusing differently than when I wore my hair straight, using a microfiber towel to dry, creating a cast before drying, deep conditioning, etc.

What do you love most about embracing your natural hair?

I really love the look when it works out right!

What are your curly girl essentials?

Curly recommended shampoo and conditioner, leave-in conditioner, gel, diffuser, microfiber towel, etc.

What is your current curly hair routine?

Wash every 3-4 days, deep conditioning approx. 1X per month, leave-in conditioner, gel, other curly hair products as needed.

Is there any technique or product that made a significant difference on your hair?

I think all of the above have helped

What is your top tip for others on their curly hair journey?

Read everything you can about caring for curly hair – it's not at all like straight hair…read, read, read, and learn, learn, learn!

curly chronicles: caring for thinning curly hair

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