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I grew up with what I thought was just puffy frizzy hair. For years I cleansed, dried, and styled like most people do, not realizing I was ruining my curls. I resorted to daily straightening to deal with the frizz and have some sense of control. As the years went on, the condition of my hair deteriorated from the damage I was unknowingly doing.

Before and after comparison of Delilah's waves at the beginning of her curly girl journey and curls now

Fast forward to the day I found the curly girl method…and it all turned around! Within months I had actual defined ringlets, soft hair, and could style it curly without any heat tools. Within a year my hair was so low maintenance and had changed from wavy to curly. I had transformed my hair with proper care. And I've been documenting and sharing what I have learned ever since!

This page is a resource of all the curly hair information I have, organized so that you can easily find what you need. It is regularly updated as I create more content on curly hair.

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